Mega Avalanche!

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Mega Avalanche

We have been travelling to the Alps for the last 5 years to take part in the Mega Avalanche race in Alpe d’huez. Its our summer holiday!

Alpe d’huez is a beautiful alpine town and the weather tends to be pretty good, although 2014 was the wettest year we have had there! 


We meet up with friends from the UK, Germany & Austria and have a great week riding together, it's finished off with the Mega Qualifier races on Friday and Megavalanche races on Saturday and Sunday.

2010 & 2011 Will rode his own Hammoon hard tail bike. 2010 he qualified for the amateur race, has a spectacular crash below the glacier, finished the race with a suspected broken ankle, no saddle and a very dented pride in 3hrs 15mins

After two goes, a few good crashes and some great bruises he decided that perhaps  suspension had its place!

2012 he took a Transition Covert this was a great bike but a bit heavy on the pedaling. 

2013 he rode a Kona Process and had a great week (more info to follow!)

2014 orange alpine 160 - his favorite bike so far! Qualified for the Amateur race on the Sunday, the weather was so bad that they changed the course at the last minute and finished the race in Alpe d’huez rather than in Allamont. So in the end Will finished 32nd 0:56:40 in the Amateur Category. 


2015 Saracen Myst - a bit heavy but a good fun ride for a less serious week of riding. This was a holiday with a difference as we had our 8 week old baby girl with us so it was a little slower paced than previous years! 

will raced the qualifier and was placed in the challenger race but he decided not to take part this year.


Lets see what 2016 brings…!

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