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BDS Results 2015

Rd 1 AE forest.

I had a good seeding run, second fastest overall.  But, then I overcooked it my race run and crashed in the woods.  The result was a disapointing 6th place.  But it was a good weekend.

Rd 2 Fort William.

The weather was horrendous and there was no cable car.  This resulted in no seeding run and a massive push up. The race was so sketchy and I crashed in the mud (this would be a common theme for my season). Results was another 6th position.

Rd 3 Llangollen.

This was a complete disaster... I got held up by slower rider and went over the bars in practice.  Result was a visit to the ambulance and a DNS for the race.

Rd 4 Bala.

Amazing track, my favourite for the whole series. Practice day was epic, so much fun.  Race day... a complete mud bath. Crashed in seeding and my race run. However, I had a good bottom section and scraped a 5th; first podium of the year!!!


Rd 5 Molfre.

A long and unintersting single track. Seeded well and another 5th.  

Rd 6 Antur Stiniog.

I was stoked and loving practice day.  I nailed the big drop first go... Over the bars on the second go... Another visit to the ambulance and another DNS. So bummed!


The crash.....

Southwest racing

Woodland Riders, Winter Series Rd 4.

My home track.  It is nice but not too gnarly, therefore, I went with my enduro bike.  This was a wise choice and resulted in a 1st place.

Nationals Champs at Llangollen.

Llangollen has never been one of my favourite tracks and I have a history of eating serious amounts of sh*t there. I qualified 2nd, held up by a slow rider.  The race run, I was slightly nervous and a little dodgy and almost lost it several times.  I managed a win in the Youth category, by far the best result so far.


Redbull Foxhunt 2015.

It is one of the most fun events of the year.  It is a rare opportunity for female riders from around the UK (and some from oversea) to gather and ride together.  The atmosphere is awesome, with some Yoga thrown in, and the banter is on point. Practice was fun and qualified in 16th out of a 120+ riders.

The race starts with a mass start, which was absolute chaos. I was pinning it and I noticed my friend Rosie crash bad.  I stopped to check on Rosie and another rider decided that my jersey was part of the track and rode over me.  I got up dazed, made sure Rosie was OK and started to chase down the riders.  I managed a few overtakes and finished in 40th, (better than Rosie who finished in the ambulance).  Overall, it was a awesome weekend and I still beat my mum!!


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