Putting the PINK Orange bike together at Hammoon Cycles

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On Friday 4th of March, my parents took me to Hammoon Cycles to pick up the bike. I am excited, as I will get a first look at my very PINK bike! The bike was promised to arrived on the Tuesday, but it never arrived. Will called Orange up, they said they are waiting for stickers. It is freshly painted, so fresh that the stickers are not ready yet. Will asked Orange to ship it anyway, as I will need it for the British Downhill Series Academy on the weekend. 

It arrived just before lunch time, we are all on hands to unpack! First glimps, it was sooooo PICK!!! I love it, I am glad I chose this colour, I don't think anyone else will have a very bright pink bike like me!! And my parents should be able to spot me a mile away on the track!! 

With the help of my mum and dad, we put the bike together, Will provided the Shimano Saints brakes, matching pink grips, front mud guards and spokey dokes!!! 

Putting the Bike together, fresh from the box!!!

We found out that Orange sent us the wrong front hub, so we couldn't use the front wheel. After a short panic, Will offered to lend us his front wheel and we managed to fit this on. Will's front wheel is not tubeless and I can feel the difference in weight between the tubeless wheel and non-tubeless wheel. 

All of us took the bike outside the shop to test ride it before cutting the top tube. It is so bright in the sunny day!!! All of us had a go on it, even Ed (Hammoon's mechanics) and Will. My mum made the bike looked huge, she's short!!


Ed on the pink steed!!

Then, it was up to Will, the expert in shortening the top tube. And the bike was ready to go to its first test ride on the weekend!! Finally!!!

Thank you, Will and Alex from Hammoon Cycles for making the new bike possible and the matching accessories, Orange bikes, Mojo Suspension for providing all the bits for my new bike. Also, thank you to SSE Next Generation, SportsAid and the parents, for funding the new bike. 







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