Orange Bikes 2016

As an Orange Dealer we always have a selection of their bikes in the shop for you to see, we are also familiar with their full range and here to help with all of your Orange needs. 

Orange offer a great level of customisation with their bikes, we are happy to go through the options available and make sure that you get the right bike for your needs and budget. 

Have you thought about testing the latest Orange Bike? For only £75 for a weekend you can test the bike of your choice. If you choose to go on and buy the bike from us we will refund the test cost!

Contact us to book your test ride, get a quote or just talk to us about Orange Bikes.

Phone: 01747 850622



         2016 Range 

324 RS

Latest version of the Orange DH Weapon.

From £4200

Frame only £2200

Alpine 160 Pro, RS, Factory

Pedal up, Speed Down everything.

Start from £3000 - £4900

Frame only £1700

Five Pro, RS, Factory

All Day, any Trail Bikes.

Start from £2800 - £4600

Frame only £1600

Segment Pro, RS, Factory

29'er capable way beyond its travel.

Start from £2700 - £4500

Frame only £1500

Clockwork 100, 100 S

29'er XC and Trail mile muncher. 

Start from £1000 - £1300

Clockwork 120, 120 S

27.5 capable trail bike. 

Start from £1000 - £1300

Crush S, RS

Trail and air time compatible, likes the rough

Start from £1400 - £2300

Frame only £400

RX9, RX9 S

CX/Road Bike, gravel road racer.

Start from £750 - £1000

Express-O,  Express-O S

City sucker, flat disc, road hack!

Start from £700 - £800


Tailored to fit, Women's hardtail trail bike.



All Bikes Available to test and order by phoning or emailing:

Phone: 01747 850622