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Servicing & Repairs

For more information, or to book a service please call us on:

01747 850622


Here are the most common repair costs:

Basic Service - from £40

  • Check and adjust brakes

  • Check and adjust gears

  • Check bike over for safety

  • Inflate tyres to correct pressures

  • Oil as needed

  • Test ride. 

Full service - from £90

  • As above with much more time spent

  • Lubricating cables

  • Both wheels trued.

Rebuild - from £150

  • New cables

  • New brake pads

  • Both wheel hubs rebuilt with new bearings

  • Headset rebuilt with new bearings

  • Seat post clean and anti-seize applied

  • Full service.


Other types of services we offer include:

  • Technical work - facing and reaming of bottom brackets and head tubes

  • Complete bike builds (custom parts) - happy to quote your dream bike!

  • Bike building (from the box if you have purchased elsewhere)

  • Replacing/servicing all and any bearings (headsets, BBs, suspension etc.)

  • Gears (adjusting/replacing)

  • Brakes (adjusting/replacing)

  • Wheel building

  • Wheel truing

We also provide basic bike fit advice - please call to book this. For a more involved bike fit we can refer you to local physiotherapists that are British Cycling trained.

Fair is Fair Policy

If a job takes us two minutes we don't charge much.

If everything on your bike is seized up, or worn out we will contact you and look at what work is viable.

muddy bike.jpeg

E Bikes

We are a fully qualified Bosch, Shimamo and Sport Drive service centre. 

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