Servicing & Repairs

Fair is Fair Policy

For more information, or to book a service please call us on:

01747 850622


Here are the most common repair costs:

Basic Service - £40

  • Check and adjust brakes

  • Check and adjust gears

  • Check bike over for safety

  • Inflate tyres to correct pressures

  • Oil as needed

  • Test ride. 

Full service - £90

  • As above with much more time spent

  • Lubricating cables

  • Both wheels trued.

Rebuild - from £150

  • New cables

  • New brake pads

  • Both wheel hubs rebuilt with new bearings

  • Headset rebuilt with new bearings

  • Seat post clean and anti-seize applied

  • Full service.


Other types of services we offer include:

  • Technical work - facing and reaming of bottom brackets and head tubes

  • Complete bike builds (custom parts) - happy to quote your dream bike!

  • Bike building (from the box if you have purchased elsewhere)

  • Replacing/servicing all and any bearings (headsets, BBs, suspension etc.)

  • Gears (adjusting/replacing)

  • Brakes (adjusting/replacing)

  • Wheel building

  • Wheel truing

We also provide basic bike fit advice - please call to book this. For a more involved bike fit we refer you to a local physiotherapist that is British Cycling trained.

If a job takes us two minutes we don't charge much.

If everything is seized up on your bike we will contact you and look at what work is viable.

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