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Cycle to Work Scheme

We work with two companies operating the Cycle To Work Scheme -

The original scheme many employers use.

Halfords Cycle2Work Scheme -

If you work in the NHS or Police this is the scheme

they operate.

You can use this scheme and still purchase your bike from us.

Both schemes operate a government tax incentive to get you cycling. You can spend up to £1000 on a bicycle, lights and clothing to help cycling to work. Often employers allow employees to top up this amount if the cycle and gear comes to more than the £1000.

For company directors and self employed people it may be possible to claim your bicycle as an expense if you use it for work or to get to work. If you are VAT registered as well you may be able to claim this.  Also if used for work you may be able to claim 20 pence / Mile as an expense! 

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